Мак Соломка (muzk) wrote in rescue_art,
Мак Соломка

2 Hunderwasser's paintings

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So bright, so optimistic, so harmonic, i love-love-love his works, his same-style houses, his art.
I adore Hunderwasser. I did my final piece for my GCSEs on him in silk batik. The first picture is wonderful but somehow the quality of scanning doesn't make it quite as appealing as it normally is. Nevertheless Hunderwasser is wonderful.
I've never be in front of his original. Just prints. I think I'd go crazy watching it on silk. But it would be my pleasure :-)
BTW, as I see you've saw many of his real works, where it's better to watch? Maybe I'll make a trip...
I wish I've seen them in reality but sadly no... I worked from prints but they were very detailed ones and the quality was amazing. Yeah... I went crazy painting the batik thing. It was mad fun. Sorry though. If I could, I'd make a trip. I think you could check out most of his stuff somewhere in Germany or something. It's been a while since my art obsessed days so I can't really remember. Sorry again. I wish I could tell you but I can't.